Widespread Creative is a full-service television production company and creative advertising agency based in Austin, Texas.

We write and produce video content for broadcast and network television programs as well as create commercial advertising campaigns for both interactive and traditional media.

We have produced broadcast content for companies including MTV Networks, Sony Music, Columbia Records and CBS News, among others.  In 2013, the History Channel premiered our new television series, American Daredevils, which was created by Widespread Creative and co-produced by Widespread Creative for the History Channel.


At Widespread Creative, we believe that good writing is the foundation to good content and the key to effective campaigns.  We believe that all great production must be visually interesting and tell a compelling story in a creative way.


Widespread Creative was founded by writers and creators who are passionate about their crafts and clients.  We at Widespread Creative love cameras, design, and production and have years of experience producing scripted and reality television content and winning advertising spots and campaigns.


At Widespread Creative, we offer HD and 4K video cameras, lenses and production equipment in-house.  In addition to our creative services, we supply our production crews and equipment for studio and field productions around the country, for both live music and action sports events and for commercial and narrative film shoots.  In addition to our in-house camera and grip equipment and our mobile production facility, Widespread Creative offers a full-suite of Avid and Premiere post-production facilities in downtown Austin, Texas.

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