• Movie Poster Template _ Bite to Bite_V3 FLAT med-res 1920 x 1080 WIDE for HP SLIDE


    Our Forthcoming Film about the Bluefin Tuna Industry

    Take a Sneak Peak at the First Feature in our Epic New 12-film Documentary Series


    Our ESPN LHN Documentary about the University of Texas Longhorn Band

    Check out the Promo Spots and View the Film

  • Natalie Coughline NULO Pet Food Campaign

    Nulo Pet Food Campaign

    Olympic Athletes and their pets are "Healthier Together"

    New commercials produced by Widespread Creative with photography by Pressman Studio

  • David Komie "The Attorney That Rocks"

    The Attorney That Rocks!

    Our Locally Famous TV Ad inspires New Reality Series

    Written and Directed by David Hickey and co-produced by Widespread Creative

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